Travel Speed
A character may travel 6000 yards every hour. When Fatigued, drop this value by 1000 yards, 2000 yards if Exhausted.

  1. Normal: 6000 yards/hr
  2. Fatigued: 5000 yards/hr
  3. Exhausted: 4000 yards/hr

A group of characters is only able to travel as fast as the slowest member of the group.

Cautious Travel
Traveling cautiously will impair speed by half, but allow a group to use half of the lowest Concealment score to offset the Awareness of any encountered group.

Fatigue and Rations
Every 2 hours of travel warrants a Health check. Failure to succeed will Fatigue the character, or Exhaust him/her if already Fatigued. Consuming a ration of food/water will negate this.

Travel Encounters
For every 3000 yards of traveled area across open terrain, make an Encounter Check. This check is made by rolling 3d20, one each for Human, Mutant, and Anomaly encounters. A result on a given die over the Threshold for the area being traveled in results in a die on the appropriate encounter table. If a multiple of 10 is rolled on any table, roll on that table again.

Encounters may also be rolled by the GM at his/her discretion, or make them more often depending on the area being traveled in.

When an encounter is made with humans, mutants, or anomalies, check the awareness/concealment thresholds for all parties involved. If multiple groups are encountered, determine the status of their relationship and current actions.

Awareness and Concealment
A character’s Awareness determines the number of yards he/she will detect an encountered group. This is offset if the opposing group is using Cautious Travel by half of the Concealment of the opposing group. The lowest score in a group is used for both of these values.

Weather is fickle in the Zone, and can change quickly. Harsh weather may impair travel speed by up to half.


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