Norman Callahan

Norman Callahan is an “attorney” working out of Yreka. He spends most of his time negotiating bail for small-time crooks in the borderlands. The legal system has become a zoo since the visitation, and Norman’s extensive though dubious relationships with the MPs allows him to keep jail cells empty long enough for them to get mopped. On the side, however, Norman is more than happy to facilitate runs into the Zone, taking a hefty cut for his services as a liaison.

Appearance: Dressed in counterfeit designer rip-offs and sporting a greased-up comb-over, Norman is usually easy to find.

Roleplaying: A constant chatter of coercion flows from Norman mouth.

Personality: Norman may be selfish, but he’s not evil; he just feels
that he needs to use others to get ahead. He is always looking
for an angle in any situation; usually it’s getting someone else to
take the risk.

Motivation: Norman wants a chunk of one really big deal, and is
terrified that he will never get it.

Background: Hustling since he could talk, Norman has spent most
of his life barely avoiding jail time. He has been sanctioned,
fined, lost licenses and permits, and barely escaped any number
of bad deals, but that’s what a man has to do these days (or so he
tells himself ). Norman does have good contacts and the social skills
to maintain them despite his manipulative ways. He also has a
knack for avoiding the bigger traps in his profession, but isn’t
above setting them for others.

Traits: (KS) Aggressive, criminal, merchant, power hungry

Norman Callahan

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