The Kilbaha peninsula is a popular entry point for new Stalkers into the Zone, due to the efforts of Oar. The original inhabitants of the once-quiet fishing community have turned to combing the seas and cliffs for valuable artifacts. The Irish Reclamation Effort is their primary client, and assist in conveying food, supplies, and modest weapons to the fishermen. These weapons are primarily used to fight off Bandits, who seek to benefit from the fisher’s work. These Bandits usually attempt to recruit new Stalkers directly, which has made many fishers suspicious of the intentions of newcomers. This has stressed the relationship between the fishers and Oar, but some see the potential good that new Stalkers could do. A few Loners have set up at the homestead at the eastbound fork in the road, and a few of the fishers make it a point to befriend them, make them useful, and most importantly keep them away from negotiations with the Bandits.

Encounter Thresholds

Human: 9
Mutant: 10
Anomaly: 10
Encounters – Kilbaha

Faction Presence

Typical Population: Around 400 (150 Loners, 100 Bandits, 150 unaffiliated fishermen)

IRE: Moderate
Bandits: Moderate-High
Loners: High
Forks: Low
Mercenaries: Very Low
IDF: Very Low
UNITI: Very Low
CR: Very Low

Notable Areas



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