Appearance: Slim in stature, he wears a casual-duty uniform
that is slightly baggy. He keeps his brown hair—that has
grown a little longer than regulation—tucked under a cap. His
freckles frame a dimpled chin and small smile. He carries a little
briefcase that seems out of place.

Roleplaying: Ketch has a high-pitched voice and talks rapidly.
He flusters easily and will clam up when pressed about his age or
experience. He’s a good fast-talker, a skill he uses often.

Personality: He’s quick on the uptake, always looking for an
angle to work. Part con artist, part thief. He often pretends to
know more than he really does.

Motivation: Ketch is trying to prove himself, and flutters from
career to career. He wants to make a name for himself
and prove that he can do anything.

Background: A runaway at the age of 10, Marty has grown up
on the streets but quickly learned that with some fast-talking he
can get what he wants. He forged his entry records, stole a uniform.

Traits: (DM) Child, stealthy


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