“I’m sorry, this is a machine shop, I am not sure what you
are asking about. Oh, that is a big briefcase. Perhaps
you want to come in the back and talk in private?”

Appearance: Husk is overweight and balding, with an
anemic comb-over and a full beard. He is in his late thirties.
He often wears dirty coveralls and has grease under his nails.

Roleplaying: Husk speaks in a deep gravelly voice born from
his passion for smoking. He smells of oil and metal.

Personality: Tony wants many things. When he desires
something, he obsesses over it until he possesses it.

Motivation: He is a black hole of wants; his motivation is
based solely on his most current desire.

Background: Husk has always had a soft spot for young stalkers in need. Especially when he could profit from that need.
While he could never be a stalker, he did what he could to help
them out. Along the way, he entered the family business,
running a modest antique shop, but always desired more.
He began to do small favors for some of the stalkers, and
in return they helped to set him up as a fence to move their
goods. Tony turned the back of the antique shop into
a store, selling the stolen goods, but avoiding artifacts.

Traits: (PV) Business, criminal, focal, laborer


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