If the attack hits, use the base Wounds for the weapon type, plus 1 Wound for every 10 points under the target of your attack roll. Factor in any bonuses or penalties from weapon modifications or other sources. Subtract the targets’ armor value, and apply the rest of the damage to the targets’ Physical Track.


Insert further description of Exertion

Fighting for Life

Life is fragile. Nowhere is this more true than in the Zone. The game is balanced to make both combat and stepping on the wrong side of an Anomaly hurt. A lot. However, we can’t have players constantly having to create new characters. This disrupts the flow of the game, and dilutes the attachment of a player to his/her character. To solve this, we take a different track with long-term damage. When a character is knocked down to 0 on his Wellness Track (either Physical or Mental), he must Fight for Life every hour until he is brought up to a 1 on the appropriate track. This involves making a Health or Mind check as is appropriate. On failure, subtract d10 points from that stat. When either of these scores reaches 0, this indicates that the character is either dead or insane. In cases where injury involves limb loss, the GM may apply negations to the character’s Speed or Agility as is appropriate.

Armor Damage

Any time a player received Wounds that were not completely absorbed by armor, make an Armor Damage check with a target of 80. On a failure, mark one point off of the protection value of the armor for the appropriate damage type. If that damage type already has 0 points of protection, take a point off of the next damage type to the right.

Weapon Damage/Jamming

Any roll of 90 or above on an attempt to fire a weapon results in a Jammed weapon. This may induce further damage to the weapon. Roll and consult the table below. I would suggest just reading the original roll itself and consulting the below, but I want to leave the option open for some weapons to have better or worse Jamming thresholds.

1-4 Jammed
5-6 Jammed, Jamming threshold reduced by 5
7-8 Jammed, Range reduced by 4
9 Jammed, -5% penalty to hit
0 Jammed, -5% penalty on semi-automatic and full auto bursts.


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