Character Creation

Characters are largely defined by 4 main Attributes: Health, Agility, Mind, and Speed. These Attributes will be used in a variety of ways during the game, and may fluctuate to reflect different effects on the character. When the character is created, these Attributes will be at their maximum value, and can only be raised above this value by experiences in the game.

Health – Health is a measure of a characters physical wellness, including overall strength, vitality, and endurance. When a characters Health drops to below 10% of the maximum value, the character is considered to be in critical condition, and unfit for any strenuous activity. When a characters Health reaches 0, that character dies.
Agility – Agility is a measure of a characters manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and aptness at performing complex motions. Subtractions to this value represent impairment to these tasks, which can include nerve damage, sensory deprivation (for example, a flash grenade), or other factors.
Mind – The Mind Attribute is a measure of a characters cognitive capacity, mental discipline, and ability to interpret data. This is not a direct measure of intelligence, but rather an indication of mental health.
Speed – This is a general measure of a characters reaction time and physical movement during combat. This Attribute may be called on to determine a characters ability to quickly avoid a dangerous situation, such as a vehicle collision.

Initially, 100 points are distributed between the 4 Attributes, within the following guidelines:
Health: 20-50
Agility: 20-50
Mind: 20-50
Speed: 20-50

The player then distributes 10 Ranks to Abilities. Purchasing a Skilled or Masterful rank costs 2 ranks (Therefore, buying a Rank 6 Ability would cost 1+1+1+1+2+2= 8 Ranks). 2 Flaws are chosen.

Character Creation

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