Awareness and Concealment

Awareness: Average of Mind/Speed
Concealment: Average of Mind/Agility

Awareness and Concealment are baseline measures of a character’s ability to see and not be seen. These are somewhat abstract by definition – Awareness covers audiovisual attentiveness and spacial interpretation. Concealment covers the willful intent to stay hidden or move unobtrusively. These are both heavily influenced by the environment and general state of the character, and can be modified by a variety of factors. The intent with both of these scores is compare the Awareness of one subject with the Concealment of another subject in a wide breadth of situations. As such, they can be used with GM arbitration to interpret these situations without needing a lot of extra mechanics or die rolling.

Normally, a traveling person will be aware of other persons (in a line of sight, of course) at a distance equal to his Awareness in yards. This is reduced by half of the opposing party’s Concealment if that party is making effort not to be noticed.

This is further modified by Abilities possessed by either character affecting these scores depending on the environment. For example, a character with the Urban ability will receive bonus’ to his Awareness and Concealment when in city environments.

Hidden Objects
Objects in the world can be given a Concealment score if they are not immediately obvious and in the open. A character can detect objects with a Concealment less than his Awareness within 5 feet for small objects (up to 2 feet in diameter), or 10 feet for larger objects (up to 6 feet in diameter). A character with foreknowledge can eventually find objects with a higher Concealment, though it will take time (Concealment – Awareness = minutes spent searching). Of course, the situation will change according to the specific object, at which point the GM is encouraged to interpret the scores as he sees fit.

Characters may wish to remain completely hidden and thus avoid the notice of an opposing group. Unfortunately, this is an area so dependent on the situation that attempting to detail every nuance would be problematic and slow down play. Suffice to say that a simple comparison between Awareness and Concealment (modified by lighting, cover, position, etc) can be made between two parties. A difference in favor of the hider signifies that he can remain hidden for an equal amount of minutes when the other party is in close proximity. A difference in favor of the searching party signifies the distance in feet the searcher will discover the hider at. This is a very rough interpretation of the numbers, and requires refinement.

Awareness and Concealment

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