This will largely be the same for firearms and melee weapons, but the focus here is on firearms for the moment. Success of a shot is largely determined by the characters Firearms or Weapons Ability, or Agility Attribute in the case of Non-Player Characters. As explained in the Abilities section, a player using a firearm without the Firearms Ability may use his Weapons Ability instead, but at only 50% of the Ability value.

Here is the general process of attacking with a firearm:

  • Use Firearms or Weapons as a base.
  • Add weapon Hit Bonus appropriate for the range.
  • Add/Subtract Attacker Situational Adjustments
  • Add/Subtract Defender Situational Adjustments
  • Add/Subtract any other adjustments coming from artifacts, suit capabilities, weapon attachments, etc.
  • Roll d100 with the above number as a target.
  • If hit, determine damage. A roll on multiples of 10 will signify a shot hitting the head, in which case only protection on the head is counted.
  • If damage exceeds armor protection, roll d100, anything 20 or below signifies armor damage.

Below are the Attacker and Defender Situational Adjustments:


Aiming +5
Semi-Auto Burst +10
Full-Auto Burst at Short range +10
Sprinting -20
Behind target +10
Flanking target +5
Short Range (Half of Range stat) +10
Long Range (Above Range stat) -20
Point Blank (within 1 yard) with a Firearm (does not apply when Engaged) +20


Prone -15
Soft Cover -10
Performed a Run action last turn -20
30% Cover -20
60% Cover -30
90% Cover -50
Outnumbered in Melee 2:1 +10
Outnumbered in Melee 3:1 or more +20


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