Artifact Descriptions

Name – The common name for the artifact, if one is known.
Endoactive or Exoactive – Endoactive artifacts “passively” exhibit their behavior, while exoactive artifacts require some form of stimuli.
Manifest Rating – A rating from 0 to 20 describing the complexity of an Exoactive artifact. The higher the rating, the more difficulty the artifact poses in learning it’s attributes and behavior.
Behavior – The passive behavior of the artifact.
Effect – The effect of the artifact.
Range – The effective range of the Effect
Strength – A rating referred to as X in the Effect description.

Colloquial Artifacts

  • Thorn-Eye
  • Torn
  • Gravi
  • Little Flame
  • Empty
  • Scale
  • Sparkler
  • Wreched
  • Wisp
  • Banjax
  • Brass
  • Culchie Hearth
  • Itcher
  • Angler Bead

Manifest Qualities

Many artifacts have effects that are immediately obvious, while others simply seem to exist with no known behavior, practical or otherwise. The implications of this are enough to cause endless debate among scientists, but applies to stalkers in two key ways. First, selling an artifact without being able to tell the client what good it is may be difficult, depending on the client. Secondly, information on getting particularly stubborn artifacts to react is worthwhile in it’s own right.

A player may make a Mind check to spend a handful of hours trying to get an artifact to react. The artifact’s Manifest Rating marks the number of degrees the check needs to stumble onto the right approach. These Ratings can be quite high, and many outside of the ability for a single person to determine. If the character possesses a scientific Ability and has the requisite tools available (ie a chemistry set for Chemistry, electronic stimulus for Electronics), he may use that skill for this check. If the character has the sufficient Zone Affinity, it may be used as a bonus to this check.

Selling Artifacts

This is a tricky business, full of subterfuge, deception, and alternative agendas. If the two people were fully honest, the value of an artifact could be weighed thusly:

(Strength – Manifest Rating + 300) x 1000 EUR

The penalty imposed by the Manifest Rating can be negated in many ways. First, it can be removed entirely if the buyer is or is connected to those with extensive testing equipment, and thus want unknown artifacts more. Also, deception can help lower this if the seller can fabricate some fictional behavior should the right conditions be met.


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