Anomaly Descriptions

Anomalies are listed below, along with effects for getting too close and personal for them. The Concealment rating dictates how difficult it is to spot the anomaly with the naked eye. A character with an Awareness+Zone Affinity totaling less than the Concealment of the anomaly cannot see it at all until it becomes agitated or discovered. Matching Concealment allows the character to vaguely determine the general location of the anomaly. This will keep the character from running blindly into the anomaly without first having cause to stop. Each point in excess of the Concealment will allow the character to determine the location of x anomalies in a given anomaly field, where x is the amount of Awareness in excess.

Anomaly Fields
The term Anomaly Field refers to a given area with a defined number of a certain type of anomaly within it, and potentially an associated ambient effect. By combining the areas, anomaly population, and ambient effects, the GM can quickly generate a dynamic anomaly field, that may or may not have a safe way through to the other side, or to a valuable artifact.

The exact location of anomalies within the field are generally pre-determined by the GM (in a fairly even distribution within the field itself), with the players having to use their senses and apparatus (detectors, throwing bolts, etc) to determine the placement and scope of the dangers in front of them. As long as a player is inside of the confines of an ambient effect, he receives the amount of damage listed of the given type per combat round.

The above example illustrates a burnt-out barn, with a series of burner fields surrounding it. Only the GM can see the information regarding the size, shape, and population of the anomaly fields. If the player wants to navigate into the barn, he needs to find a safe path through the burners. While one of the more crowded, hotter areas may have a chance of having room to pass through, the player is much more likely to find a safer path through the cooler yellow area. Ambient effects may be used as a clue to the relative density of anomalies in an area.

A second example is used to illustrate how ambient effects and anomalies can be mixed to create a variety of navigation scenarios.


Concealment: 80 – Damage: 10 Fire/round.
A localized anomaly that causes a 1-foot wide jet of flame to erupt for 3-5 rounds in the presence of nearby movement. These often appear in groups, and are very dangerous. Being caught in a Burner will always cause one point of suit harm per round, in addition to the 20% damage rule.

Mosquito Mange

Concealment: 70 – Damage: 8 Impact/round.
An area of intense gravity that extends from it’s center to a radius of 1-4 yards, causing anybody entering in it’s range immediate damage, and loss of all other movement for the round. During the next round, the victim suffers -20 to their Speed.

Jolly Ghost

Concealment: 90 – Damage: 15 Radiation/round.
A floating turbulence in the air, mostly invisible. Moves with an effective speed of 8 yards/round. Contact induces extreme radiation, and paralysis that prevents any action. A Health check can be made once per round to break out of this paralysis.

Witches Jelly

Concealment: 20 – Damage: 20 Chemical/round.
A glowing, pulsating pool of viscuous matter. Anything coming into contact with the Jelly is effectively turned into more Jelly, and all but the most passing contact is lethal.

Burnt Fuzz

Concealment: 50 – Damage: 8 Chemical/round.
Appears as rapidly-growing, flaky rust on metallic surfaces. When a new body of metal is introduced to the Fuzz, the Fuzz will rapidly grow towards and over it, making a crackling, hissing sound as it moves.

Moire Shadows

A largely harmless, if not disconcerting anomaly. In areas affected by this anomaly, shadows twitch and quiver unnaturally, including seperating into moire-effect-like bands, and oscillating. Causes those in the affected area to have a penalty of -3 to their Awareness and -10% to hit with Firearms, due to their distracting nature.

Space Bubble

An area where time and space are distorted, sped up, or slowed down.




Silent Lightning

Creeping Acid

Rag Field


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