All Out Attack (Full) +20 to Weapons for this round, cannot Dodge this round.
Charge (Full) Must move at least 5 yards, make melee attack with +10 to Weapons.
Grapple (Full) insert description
Knock-Down (Half) Try and knock an opponent to the ground insert description.
Semi-Auto Burst (Full) Add 5 to hit.
Full Auto Burst (Full) Add 10 to hit at Short range.
Standard Attack (Half) Make one melee or ranged attack.

Disengage (Full) Break off from melee and make a Move action.
Move (Half) Move up to your movement (Speed/10 in yards)
Sprint (Half) Move up to twice your movement. Incurs a -20 penalty to hit with Firearms.
Run (Full) Triple movement, enemies -20 to hit with Weapons or Firearms next round.
Stand (Half) Stand up from a prone or knocked-down state.

Aim (Half/Full) +5 bonus to hit as a Half Action or +10 to hit as a Full Action on your next attack.
Delay (Half) Before your next turn take any Half Action.
Ready (Half) Ready a weapon or item. The character may make a Firearms check to make this action a Free action.
Reload (Full) Reload a ranged weapon. The character may make a Firearms check to make this action a Half action.
Clear Jam (Full) Clear a Jammed weapon.

Exert (Free) The character may take one Health box of damage in order to ignore any damage penalties for this round. If the character has only 1 box left, he may do this without taking a box of damage.
Prone (Free) The character goes prone against the ground, providing a -10 to be shot on even ground. The character may not make a combat action the same turn he goes prone.

Obviously, many more actions come up in the chaos of combat, but these actions should give the GM enough guidelines to manage any situation that comes up simply and fairly.


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