Abilities have 6 ranks:
Untrained: The character makes these checks with a -30 penalty.
Trained: The character makes these checks with no penalty.
Capable: +5 bonus.
Versed: +10 bonus.
Skilled: +15 bonus.
Masterful: +20 bonus.

Anthropology Mind
Artistry Agility
Athletics Health
Chemistry Mind
Commerce Speed
Deception Mind
Electronics Mind
Engineering Agility
Espionage Speed
Firearms Agility
Games Speed
Hunt Agility
Jury-Rig Agility
Mechanics Health
Medicine Mind
Pastoral Health
Physique Health
Scholarship Mind
Stealing Agility
Survivalism Speed
Unarmed Combat Health
Urbane Speed
Waterfaring Health
Weapons Agility
Zoology Mind

Mind: 8
Speed: 6

Anthropology (Mind)
Understanding and study of cultures, both modern and ancient. This includes customs, social structures, and language constructs.

Artistry (Agility)
This ability covers knowledge of artistic works and the ability to create them. Artistic works cover paintings, sculptures, literature, poetry, plays, etc. Artistry does not need to be limited to the “arts”. The ability can be used to create forgeries, counterfeit money and documents, duplicate signatures, copy paintings, etc.

Athletics (Health)
This ability gives knowledge of fitness, exercise, physiology, and the like. This ability modifies the character’s overall fitness level including muscle development, endurance, carrying heavy weight, and overall strength. For every point of Athletics, add 1 pound of carrying capacity and 2 pounds to lift, e.g. 10 points in Athletics means 10 pounds additional can be carried and 20 pounds lifted.
Every 30 points in Athletics gives a bonus of one point to damage when striking with a melee
Every ten points in Athletics adds one point to Health. Athletics is not recalculated based on the new Health rating.

Chemistry (Mind)
Understanding and practice of chemical compounds and effects.

Commerce (Speed)
This Ability covers all activities and knowledge on how to run a business and engage in trade. This includes such things as barter, trade, accounting, acquisition, banking, commodities, finance, investing, negotiation, real estate, speculation, and any other business related activity.

Deception (Speed)
This Ability governs all forms of “pretending” whether it is being an actor, thief, spy, assassin, etc. This Ability grants knowledge of and how to do the following: theatrics, acting, assuming identities, deception, imposture, lying, fast talk, seduction, hiding one‘s identity, anonymity, disguise and anything similar. When attempting to impersonate or create an alternative identity, possession of relevant abilities will give a bonus. For example, while pretending to be a wealthy businessman, Commerce would be useful. In these cases, 10 is added to Deception when making checks.

Electronics (Mind)
Understanding, use, and maintenance of computers, electronic systems, and gadgets in general. More complex machinery will require a combination of Electronics and Mechanics to repair and operate.

Engineering (Mind)
The understanding, analysis, and construction knowledge of buildings, landscape features, and other structures.

Espionage (Speed)
This Ability governs actions and knowledge dealing with information gathering and assassination. It includes such things as creating distractions, cheating, embezzlement, fraud, setting traps, disarming traps, hiding weapons, concealing objects on one‘s body, sleight of hand, quick grab, palming, creating false evidence, planting evidence, planting devices, intimidation, interrogation, torturing, causing pain without leaving a mark, poisoning, attacking from hidden a hidden position without being noticed, climb walls without rope, backstabbing, spying, infiltration, assassination by indirect means etc.

Evaluation (Mind)
This Ability allows the possessor to evaluate persons, creatures, and objects. In regards to persons, this includes the assessment of potential threats, the type of threat, motivation, honesty, ingenuity, social class, wealth, etc. For object evaluation, this includes the condition, conformation, craftsmanship, materials, potential purpose, quality, value, etc.

Firearms (Agility)
Add two points to Agility only when initially selecting this Ability. All having to do with hand and shoulder weapons such as grenade launchers, hand-held missile launchers, firearms (shotguns, pistols, rifles, machine-guns), rocket weapons and bows, also crossbows and blowpipes, as well as aiming, the ammunition (reloading included), care and cleaning, dis-assembly, discharging, loading, maintenance, modification and repair (minor) thereof.

Games (Speed)
There are two aspects to a game – skill and chance. Possessing the Games ability increases both. This Ability governs both legitimate and “con” games. The ability covers how to play, cheat, and create games as well as assessing probabilities of outcomes, computing odds, game theory, wagering etc. The Games ability covers board games, cards, chess, gambling, pachinko, guessing games, carnival games, hustling, billiards, bowling, dice games, riddles, etc.

Hunt (Agility)
All activities having to do with hunting afoot, woodcraft, survival, the chase, tracking, recognition of normal flora and fauna, concealment and camouflage in wood, etc. are governed by this Ability. Adds 5 per Rank of Score to Awareness in regards to mutants and other wildlife.

Jury-Rig (Agility)
This ability governs general shallow knowledge of how to tinker, repair, jury-rig, or create makeshift items. Possession of this ability allows the character to be a jack of all trades. More complex creation and/or repair of items requires the possession of Mechanics. If Mechanics is possessed, 10 is added to Jury-rig checks.

Mechanics (Health)
This Ability governs all activities dealing with tinkering, repair, construction, design, forging, etc. of items, machines, weapons and the like. This ability lows the character to work with virtually any type of material ranging from bone and wood to metal and stone. If Jury-rig is possessed, 10 is added to checks against Mechanics.

Medicine (Mind)
The diagnoses of injury, administration of treatment, and care for the wounded.

Negotiation (Speed)
Modifier for Reaction

Pastoral (Health)
The knowledge and practical use of farm implements, including irrigation, care for cattle, crop management, etc.

Physique (Health)
All activities having to do with carrying weight, endurance, fitness, lifting heavy weight, muscular development, physical power and strength, etc. are governed by this Ability. Each 30 Ability points possessed provides a bonus of 1 point to any Harm inflicted with a melee weapon. This also confers to carrying weight.

Scholarship (Mind)
The possession of a well-rounded education, at least up until an Associates level. Dictates little specifically, but is a general indication of possessing knowledge common to formal education.

Stealing (Agility)
All activities having to do with breaking and entering, burglary, lock picking, theft, etc. are governed by this Ability. Adds 10% of Score to Concealment.

Survivalism (Speed)
This Ability governs all knowledge and activities needed for survival in non-civilized and primitive areas. It includes the knowledge of determining direction, finding safe drinking water, mapping, climbing, spelunking, swimming, building shelter, identification of flora and fauna, etc. Adds 5 per Rank to Awareness and Concealment when in wild areas.

Unarmed Combat (Health)
All activities having to do with defense and attack without weapons are governed by this Ability. Boxing, brawling, grappling, street fighting, etc. are included in this Ability. Confers 1 bonus point of Harm with body weapons for every 30 points possessed.

Urban (Health)
As in LR. Adds 5 per rank to Awareness and Concealment when in urban areas.

Waterfaring (Health)
All activities having to do with personal diving, knotting, swimming, aquatic flora and fauna, as well as boats, navigation, sailing, etc. are governed by this Ability. Adds 5 per Rank to Awareness when in the water.

Weapons (Agility)
This Ability is the basic determination for all melee weapons usage.

Zoology (Mind)
The knowledge of natural fauna, including the anatomy, habits, and classification of known species.


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