Wellness Tracks

Created characters, and indeed all humans in The Irish Zone have two tracks for measuring his/her well-being. Both the Physical and Mental tracks contain 10 boxes, referred to as Wounds and Strain respectively. Damage along both of these tracks accrue penalties for the character until he/she finds medical treatment. Much of this damage will occur in combat, but the character can Exert in order to mitigate the negative effects of damage. However, Exertion carries with it the risk of further damage.

In combat, Exerting is a Free action that ignores Wound penalties for one round. Each time the Character Exerts, the character must make a Health check. On failure, the character receives one more Wound. However, either way the Wound penalties are ignored.

Physical Track
10 – Healthy
9 – Okay
8 – Hurt (Injury Tick)
7 – Hurt
6 – Wounded (Injury Tick)
5 – Wounded
4 – Wounded
3 – Wounded
2 – Severely Wounded (Injury Tick)
1 – Severely Wounded (Injury Tick)
0 – Dead

Mental Track

Wellness Tracks

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