Artifact - Low-grade


Size: Small (between 2-3 inches)
Range: Contact
Effect: Accelerates movement at a factor of about 1.5, though making it just as difficult to stop.

Potential Applications:

  • Grafted onto bullet shells to give a +3 bonus to Harm at all ranges. A check on Mechanics and the proper tools are needed to perform this. One artifact likely has the mass to effectively do this for 30 bullets.
  • Clutching a Gravi in your hands will allow you to punch with greater force (+4 Harm), but you end up taking 2 Harm yourself every time you strike in this manner.
  • Sticking these in your boots will potentially let you run faster, if you can keep up with yourself. An Agility check is needed to start running, or else fall over and take 1d5 Harm. An Agility check is also needed to stop running, or else fall over and take 1d10 Harm.


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