Charles "Falcon" Broden

Mercenary, hangs out around Kilbaha/Kilkee


H: 40
A: 50
M: 35
S: 40

Awareness: 7
Concealment: 9
Zone Affinity: 0

HK G36 (Bi-pod, Scope)
Barretta 92f

Merc Suit


Age: 36
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 165lbs

Joined US Navy Seals at age 22. Honorably discharged at age 28 for wounds sustained in the line of duty. Spent the last 5 years acting as a soldier of fortune, eventually landing in the Zone.

Scar next to right eye
3 bullet scars on right upper chest
Seals tattoo on left shoulder
Cross with celtic knots tattoo on left forearm
Falcon with snake clutched in talons tattoo on right bicep.

Charles "Falcon" Broden

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