Such is life in the Zone

…But this may not be the Zone you’re familiar with. When the Visitation struck, a half-dozen areas around the globe were affected in a fundamental and bizzare way. These Zones stopped being a part of the natural order; the natural laws of physics became unstable. Infastructure was destroyed, mutants emerged, and most importantly, artifacts were discovered. These objects at once denied us the comfort of knowing the laws of the universe, and excited us with the potential they promised. Who knew what wonders could be derived from possessing and studying these artifacts? A gold rush (of sorts) began for these Zones. Damage control for the destroyed and displaced citizens, political control for the rights to the artifacts, and no control at all for those who wish to pick the low-hanging fruit.

You may have experience with the Zones in Canada, the Ukraine, and even Afghanistan. Welcome to the Irish Zone.


Game-wise, this is an amalgamation of lessons taken from Gygax’s excellent Lejendary Adventure, with a healthy dose of homebrew thrown in to tighten the gameplay and enhance the atmosphere. You can track the development of the game itself at, so feel free to ask any questions that pop up. Until games get going, I’ll be using this to easily store information on items, anomalies, and such.


Irish Zone – Map


Party Generator/Init Tracker

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STALKER - The Irish Zone